MASSENCE MUSIC GROUP is home to a diverse, global roster of some of the world’s premier musical talent, from emerging acts to superstars. We advise and partner with some of the leading and newest artists. We invest in and support their growth, and together with the talents create opportunities in media and entertainment.

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Featured artist

Michael Shynes


The fact that Michael Shynes is a Midwest born singer songwriter with a Platinum Record in Poland, in many ways, sums up the unlikelihood of his career perfectly. Being a self taught musician from a small town, he seemed to build a career out of nothing more than pure hustle and soulful songwriting. And he was also a son who had lost his father, quit his day job, and chased an unlikely dream. And even though the music itself may be difficult to define (often oscillating from Folk to Pop to R&B to Country and then back again), the intent behind it is the unifying ingredient. The unmistakeable truth that it never strives to be anything less than genuine and authentic.

Whether you are pure talent or an established artist, contact us, and see whether we can team up. We enhance your career by working with you. If needed, we have the people to co-write and co-produce.Till the moment you are ready for making the big splash, and beyond.