We provide music distribution & artist insights (performance, charts, playlists & social media) for DIY artists and record labels.

We help you efficiently run your label. Supported by our own tech, we take care of distribution, insights, marketing support and strategize with you to grow your label.

Artist Run

Massence gives you complete independence and control over your economic fate, while we oversee all aspects of developing, marketing and distribution of your work.

We are an artist-run label support company where artists, DJ’s, producers are running their own digital-only labels while we take care of the work normally done by a record label. This DO IT YOURSELF business model fits well with all kind of music.

The advantage for you as an artist, DJ or producer when embracing this total power shift means not only exerting more control, but also coping with different lifestyles and busier schedules. You can focus on touring and performing.

Brand Driven

We are thought leaders in a rapidly changing industry. We prioritize brand development alongside high-growth development.

We believe this dual focus serves as a valuable model for the recording industry. Together with the clients we work for, we love to market the client brand name and Massence, as we offer so much more than relying on a handful of artists on our roster.

We believe that an agency / label like Massence can give a positive context to you as an artist, even if you already have a large following. In the case of already having a large audience, music released through Massence, with a history and a high degree of freshness can help you and your listeners understand what you are about.

Innovation & Technology

Massence understands that artists rely on the Internet to iterate their creative process in front of a seemingly infinite, increasingly distributed audience. As a result the subsequent confusion continues to rise in music marketing and distribution, especially around issues of monetization and ownership.

Being an industry innovator, we understand that the present challenge is to bridge the gap between the music and the business.

For that reason we took all our learnings, and brought software developers and artists together, resulting in a powerful platform called PlayTreks:  

Distribution to all major streaming stores, track music in the artist data dashboard and discover music in charts & playlists, insights from social media, and find out what people are listening to, all in ONE place

Massence is the partner that helps you build your brand and relentlessly executes your vision, by providing artist & label development, guidance, and management services