introducing massence group


The Massence Group creates value for artists, producers, record labels, fans, event organizers and our share- and stakeholders.

By unleashing our unlimited passion for music, entertainment, media, data, technology and innovation.

about massence group

Massence Group is a diversified entertainment and media company with ventures integrating music, data, and technology. We combine creativity, the ability to engage global audiences, and an understanding of “what’s next” to deliver innovative ideas as a leading architect of popular culture. The driving force behind,, and Together with the respective teams we strive to give our clients the ultimate experience they are looking for.

join us

Our team of talented members, coming from different backgrounds all do bring something unique to the group.

We believe in the power of working together to become a company to reckon with in the music, media and entertainment world. Today our team members are experts in their area of expertise, whether this is music production, software development, branding, marketing or sales, the members all have one goal, which is to become a thriving force in the industry.

If you are that entrepreneur who believes that when being part of something bigger, can be beneficial for you and us, feel free to reach out to us.

the team

The team behind Massence Group Holding is more than those visible here, it is the team members of the respective companies who make the difference, as a marketeer, developer, producer, artist, social media expert and more. Without all these talented people we would not be a group. We aim to create value for artists, producers, record labels, fans, event organizers and more, as well for our share- and stakeholders. We do this by unleashing our unlimited passion for music, entertainment, media, technology and innovation. Diversity, equity and inclusion are some of the core values of the Massence Group.

enjoying our story?

What started of as an initiative to democratize the music industry, quickly turned into something bigger, the Massence Group. Today we pride ourselves having the best team in the industry and using innovative technologies to unleash our passion for music, media, entertainment, data and technology, serving versatile audiences, while constantly be on the lookout to add powerful propositions.

Feel free to contact us to discuss our propositions, our company or your business idea

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