International Sales & Marketing Executive with a strong entrepreneurial background. A focus on company and revenue growth, solid business professional with a deep understanding of business and how to position products. Throughout his career Anjo has had several international management positions in growth companies, has lived in various countries and has done business throughout the world.

After relocating back to Europe in 2015, from living and working in the USA, he effectively established several new ventures with a high amount of hands on guidance, positioning the companies and products as effectively as possible, in order to reach an audience to make the companies sustainable. A true serial entrepreneur he became acquainted to Mark through one of his ventures, Metrum Acoustics, and quickly identified the pitfalls in the music industry, and so an idea for a new venture was born.

After extensive research it deemed appropriate to make a run at the somewhat outdated way of how record labels manage artists, hence the reason we decided to establish Massence Records. Throughout the research period Anjo became acquainted to Robbert, a friend of Mark and fellow producer/DJ, and soon the three decided to team up. As for Mark music is his life, for Anjo it is establishing a solid business, yet the love for music was and is always there, so this was a great opportunity to mix two wonderful things, establishing a business totally dedicated to music.

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